1 December 2023

Update from Geopark Partner: Jersey Marine Conservation

Geopark partner, Jersey Marine Conservation is a local charitable organisation consisting entirely of volunteers, focusing on supporting marine conservation proposals and educating our younger generation on the beauty of Jersey’s inter-tidal and tidal waters. Their current research includes the identification of key sites that could form a marine protection network, seagrass restoration and an assessment of the health of our Island’s seal community. These investigations play a key role in illustrating the importance of Jersey’s marine environment.

The big challenge they have faced is effectively communicating what Jersey Marine Conservation are doing and why. This challenge has recently been met with the help of Ocean Culture Life, OCL ~ a Jersey-based charity with a mission to promote the conservation, protection and improvement of the physical and natural marine environment by seeking to widen and deepen public understanding of the ocean’s issues and challenges.

Jack Searson is rapidly making a name for himself as a videographer in Jersey. Winning an OCL award and bursary in 2023 has enabled Jack to highlight his filmmaking talents in a series of videos about Jersey Marine Conservation. These videos feature the importance of scientific evidence gathered by students from the Jersey International Centre of Advanced Studies (Geopark Partner). The fantastic videos also highlight local MSc investigations into invasive species, the biodiversity of the Portelet No Take Zone and a program to reduce the destructiveness of moorings in the St Catherine’s Seagrass meadows and help the storage of carbon.

Find out more about Jersey Marine Conservation here.

Why Marine Research Matters in Jersey by Jack Searson