The Aspiring Jersey Island Geopark Map:




Geosites are places in the Island with a special story from our Island’s heritage. To discover Jersey’s Geosites, explore the map of the Aspiring Jersey Island Geopark. Click on the frame on top right-hand corner of the map to view the larger map and explore the different Geosites.

On the large map, the legend along the left-hand side is the list of different categories. Each category is a list of places, all with stories to discover. Select which places you would like to view on the map, by clicking the box on the left-hand side of the category in the map legend.

Use the arrow underneath the tick box to see all of the places in the category. To collapse the legend, click on the three dots next to the magnify glass symbol and select ‘Collapse map legend’. To view the map legend again, click on the ‘MAP LEGEND’ in the white box in the top left-hand corner.

To find out more about these places of interest and how to get there, click on the place name on the legend.

Visitor Centre - at Jersey Museum & Art Gallery

Located at Jersey Museum and Art Gallery in St Helier, near Liberation Bus Station. The Aspiring Jersey Island Geopark Visitor Centre is free entry. Check www.jerseyheritage.org for opening times.

The Visitor Centre is an introduction to Jersey and Island life. Discover more about the Island’s geological heritage – the different rocks which have shaped the Island we know today. Listen to the Island’s unique playlist. Learn about the different wildlife that you can look out for around the Geopark. This wildlife also extends underwater. See a glimpse of what lies beneath the surface of our seascape by watching footage of creatures feeding near the seabed.

Geoparks celebrate the links between people and the Earth and the Visitor Centre explains why Jersey’s outstanding landscapes and seascapes could make the Island a candidate for future designation. Jersey is more than just the rock it is made of – our Island is an incredible combination of natural, built and intangible heritage. A Geopark can tell the whole story and, if Jersey is successful in achieving a designation, it will be a statement of commitment to protect the Island we all love and to promote the landscapes, seascapes and heritage that are important to Islanders.

L'Île Fait la Vie

Island Sounds

As an Island shaped by time and tide, Jersey has a unique playlist. The music playing here is made up of sounds recorded around the Island. Listen. Êcoutez. What can you hear? Can you pick out all the different sounds?

Soundscape by Sam Hills.
L'Histouaithe du Géotourisme

History of Geotourism

Watch this video to see how people explored our Island in the past and how you can explore Jersey today. The video runs for 6 minutes 25 seconds.

Film by Submarine Creative.
La Vie D’l’île Souos L’ieau

Island Life Underwater

Many Islanders have seen dolphins or seals around Jersey but what else lives beneath the surface? In Jersey, our seascape has lots of different types of seaweed that provide homes for some amazing creatures. The seagrass, kelp forests and maerl beds around the Island also all absorb blue carbon which help mitigate global climate change. Check out what happened when a few of these creatures got captured on camera by Samantha Blampied using some tasty bait just above the seabed. Watch Èrgardez this fantastic footage of cuttlefish, catsharks, stingrays and tope.

The Blue Marine Foundation (BLUE) is working to learn more about the Island’s seascape. Learn more about their Jersey project and other work on their website.

Film by Jersey Heritage.