3 October 2022

Celebrating cider making traditions

With work continuing on an exciting new museum space at Hamptonne, this year’s Festival, La Faîs’sie d’Cidre, has been scaled back and will take place in the two courtyards at the visitor site in St Lawrence, with a focus on sharing the rich traditions of the Island’s cider production to a smaller audience.

La Faîs’sie d’Cidre, which is sponsored by Ogier, takes place over the weekend of 15-16 October and tickets for parking at the event must be booked online. Visitors will have the opportunity to watch the cider being made by Jersey Heritage volunteers, and enjoy live acoustic music, traditional dancing and food, including Jersey Wonders, saucisse and cider. Naturalist Stephen Le Quesne also returns with his ‘Wild Play’ activity sessions for children, which were popular over the summer holidays.

Nicky Lucas, Jersey Heritage’s Community Events Curator, said: “This year’s La Faîs’sie d’Cidre will be a smaller, more intimate event but there will be plenty of atmosphere and enjoyment. The focus will be on the traditional apple crushing and pressing, and supporting our amazing volunteers who carry out the hard work.

“We know that everyone loves the Cider Festival and we have adapted this year’s event so that we can still offer an opportunity for people to be part of the annual cider making, which is an integral part of the Island’s heritage and Hamptonne’s history.”

Ahead of La Faîs’sie d’Cidre, there is community apple picking taking place in the Orchard at Hamptonne involving corporate groups and schools and although this year’s ‘false autumn’ (due to the dry summer months) means that there aren’t as many apples as usual, an appeal for more apples from Islanders who have an orchard and are happy to share their crop has been successful.

Edward Mackereth, Ogier’s Global Managing Partner, said: “Throughout 2022, we’ve partnered with Jersey Heritage to offer a series of family learning events and activities. By supporting the cider making at Hamptonne and related apple picking activities for groups, we’re working with Jersey Heritage to keep Jersey’s traditions at the heart of Island life.”