Ambassador Alex Woodman
Young Archaeologists’ Club - Jersey Branch Member

"I have been a member ever since the Jersey Branch of Young Archaeologists’ Club started in 2017. I love archaeology because it is so unpredictable. You never know what you could find. Sometimes it could be nothing. Sometimes you could discover something completely unknown to science. The things I enjoy are being able to get hands on with the discoveries and finds unearthed in Jersey and visiting all of the dig sites which are usually out of bounds."

Favourite Place in Jersey
La Hougue Bie, where I can see torques from the Le Catillon II Coin Hoard.

"My favourite archaeological finds from Jersey are the torques in the coin hoard. There are 11 of these made of gold sheet wrapped around an iron core. This is the largest ever collection of these objects found in Europe. These items were really important to the people who buried the hoard."