Past Climates of Jersey – talk by Dr Tom Stevens

Geologist Dr Tom Stevens takes you on a tour through Earth’s climate history & what we can learn from Jersey’s exceptional climate records.
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Earth’s climate has been described as an angry beast – prone to dramatic and at times catastrophic swings that fundamentally and permanently mark the landscape and its inhabitants. Come and listen to geologist Dr Tom Stevens as he takes you on a tour through Earth’s climate history and explains why and how the climate records of Jersey provide a unique insight into a world of collapsing ice sheets, sea-level change, dramatic dust storms and vast, turbulent rivers.


Friday, 20 October / 7.30pm to 8.30pm

Jersey Museum, Art Gallery & Victorian House

Dr Stevens is an Associate Professor in the Department of Earth Sciences at Uppsala University in Sweden. He leads a multi-disciplinary team that is investigating the climate and landscape history of Jersey. He is especially fascinated by the role that fine, wind-blown mineral dust known as loess plays in the climate system and the record of climate and landscape evolution that these deposits contain.

During his FREE talk, he will explain the work his team is undertaking in Jersey, what it can tell us about the Island’s climate and landscape history, the climate system as a whole, and how this can inform the projection of future climates.


This talk is in association with Jersey Heritage.