Mindful Monday Fire and Water

Join the Aspiring Jersey Island Geopark for at L'Étacquerel Fort for a season of Mindful Mondays focussing on yoga and breathing to connect the mind and body to this tranquil historic site set on a cliff-top overlooking the sea.
Group does yoga on platform of historic building overlooking the sea
Full Moon Fire and Water

An evening of gentle yoga and reflection

Join us for this special evening of yoga, breath and meditation on the terrace overlooking the beautiful ocean, be guided through a gentle slow flow yoga class, followed by breathwork and meditation in the magical fort. We will finish with a closing circle, journalling, and sitting around the fire for tea and sweet treats.
Fire and water. In yogic scripture, there is an important sentence: agnim samudra vasasam, which translates as: the fire wears the ocean as a cloak. And, what it means is that all life is a balance of presence and action, with softness, ease and rest. This is what we will explore during this evening retreat.
Held inside the historic mid-19th Century fort on Jersey’s rugged north coast. Traverse the winding coastal path, cross the drawbridge and settle in for a blissful evening. We will create a quiet space in order to tap into what you need on this full moon.


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Woman does yoga pose against white lime wash wall